Kampot Pepper

The world's finest pepper grown in Kampot, Cambodia.

About Kampot Pepper

The world's finest Gourmet Pepper. Long known by culinary masters in Paris since the 1800's, Kampot Pepper is one of the most prized spices. It is known for its aromatic bouquet and mild heat that turn's any dish into a masterpiece.

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Fresh Gourmet Pepper from Cambodia

Fresh Harvest

Grown by Local Cooperatives

Kampot Pepper is grown on small family farms, hand-picked and sorted for quality.


Four unique pepper varieties.

Light to Bold

4 Different Kampot Pepper Tastes

Each type of Kampot Pepper unlocks a unique and different flavor profile from mellow to bold.


Shipped Fresh - for you to unlock the flavor

Fresh Pepper

Always crack it Fresh

Cracking your Kampot Pepper fresh at home keeps the important oils intact ready to spice up your life.


SeveralJust a little = Amazing taste and aroma


Pepper Quality not Quantity

It is amazing what just a little Kampot Pepper will do to lift up your dishes.


Spice up your life - Choose quality and flavor

Kampot Pepper

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Visit the beautiful sun-drenched plantations in Kampot, Cambodia.

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